Our Services

Merchandising, Retail Audit & Mapping and Field Marketing System

Online solution for the best way to plan and manage your merchandising and field work activities for agencies and FMCGs.Your merchandisers will have all the information they need to succeed at their fingertips and you will be able to monitor the results in real time.
Mobile Merchandising App-The field log in to the application and performs the retail store audit checklist to report on store orders, retail audit compliance, products and any other information of interest.All the data is GPS tagged.
Back end system-the is the cloud hosted system from where all the system management is performed, creating projects assigning team leaders, merchandisers itinerary with route planning and time scheduling.

Creative Web Design & Development

We are not just a web design company,we are the architects of your success online-We are proficient of creating magnificent & responsive websites from scratch to a full furnished product. Every impression counts when it comes to capturing customers online.
Now more than ever, your online image is essential to the success of your business.
A fancy design is not enough for your site now a days users are demanding websites that are user friendly, informative, attractive, and accessible as well as responsive to all devices.
The process is simple: you contact us, we sit down and talk.We understand your expectations, improve them and bring them to life. We will work until you are completely satisfied.

Mobile Apps development

Be prepared, Think Mobile-The future is mobile
We design and develop custom software’s as per your specific requirements. Customized applications are built from the ground up to meet your organization‘s unique needs.
Maybe your organization must use a legacy application that is no longer supported, or perhaps it wishes to manipulate and query data in a way that is not supported by out-of the box solutions.
We provide app development on all ecosystems,our experienced mobile app developers will design the interface and develop the functions as expected.
We’re always excited to learn about new ideas and ventures,contact us and have your app on million of devices.

Google Apps for work Email

A set of simple yet powerful communication and collaboration tools for businesses.It includes secure, reliable work place tools for email, chat, calendar and document sharing.
The suite offers all of the benefits of traditional office productivity suites, with the added benefit that employees can access their content anywhere, anytime, via any device-resulting in increased productivity while reducing costs
Boost employee productivity with 25GB of storage per user – your employees can focus on their work rather than on their email quota.
You’re actually safer with Google Apps. Since your data is hosted on Google’s reliable and redundant data centers, you can stop saving your corporate data on insecure devices, a leading cause of data security problems